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Setting goals for your business is easy. The hard part is coming up with a plan of action to achieve those goals. The first step on your path to success is finding the right team to help you optimize your project and portfolio management strategies.

Innovative Project Solutions has over 35 years of experience in the industry and we have the knowledge needed to make your goals your reality.

Innovative Project Solutions

Innovative Project Solutions is a consulting firm specializing in Project and Portfolio Management services supporting businesses in establishing industry leading PPM Practices


Optimize your project portfolio management strategy

Increase your efficiency, effectiveness and performance

Implement industry-leading organizational systems, policies and procedures

With our guidance, you can boost your profits and streamline your practices. Contact us today to learn more.

IPS Overview:

  • IPS offers expertise and guidance to organizations seeking to optimize their PPM process for improved efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance.
  • IPS assists clients in designing and implementing tailored PPM framework that aligns with specific business goals.
  • IPS provides a comprehensive assessment of current practices identifying areas for improvement and develops strategies to streamline PPM quality and workflows.
  • IPS provides consulting services for organizations of all levels of PPM maturity and works directly with clients to ensure people, processes and technology are fully in alignment to meet PPM needs.
  • IPS positions clients to better deliver high quality projects within cost and schedule constraints.
  • IPS is a strategic partner of BrightWork PPM software.

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We aim to help businesses achieve their goals, and our partnerships with BrightWork 365 give us even more resources to help businesses succeed. Our experts use innovative strategies to boost our clients' profits and help them reach their full potential. Call us today to take the first step toward success.


Assessment of current Project, Program and Portfolio Management Practices

Aid in the development or enhancement of Project Management Practices to meet clients' specific needs

BrightWork 365 Strategic Partner

Establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) and Project Controls (PC)